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Reni will be ministering the WORD this Sunday 15th Nov. 2015 at RCCG Jesus Embassy, Los Angeles, CA

RCCG Peace Assembly, Sacramento, CA

Christ Apostolic Church (House of the Word), Rancho Dominguez, CA
RCCG Tabernacle of Restoration, Bronx, NY
RCCG House of His Glory, West Lake, UT
RCCG Cornerstone Assembly, Boston, MA
RCCG Jesus Tabernacle, Bakersfield, CA
Fountain of Life Christian Min., Somerset, NJ
RCCG Living Spring Center, Philadelphia, PA
RENI MINISTRIES, 4TH ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY San Diego, CA December 22nd 2012…more details here

Living Word Church, PRAISE Musical Jamboree, Philadelphia, PA December 16th 2012 …more details here
RENI MINISTRIES, 11TH ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY Philadelphia, PA December 15th 2012 …more details here
Fountain of Life Ministries, All Praise Night, Somerset, NJ December 14th 2012 …more details here
Winners Kingdom London, UK July 29th, 2012.
Mt. Zion Ministries London, UK July 28th, 2012.
RCCG Garden of the Lord, Cardiff, Wales July 22th, 2012.
RCCG Restoration Assembly, Birmingham, UK July 21th, 2012.
RCCG Pathfinder’s Church Manchester, UK July 20th, 2012.
RCCG Overcomers House Swindon, UK July 15th, 2012.
RCCG Night of Joints Praise & Prayer London, UK July 14th, 2012.
The Reality of Grace London, UK July 13th, 2012.
RCCG Overcomers Gloucester, UK July 8th, 2012.
RCCG Overcomers Gloucester, UK July 7th, 2012.
RCCG Overcomers Gloucester, UK July 6th, 2012.
RCCG Bethel Tabernacle London, UK July 1st, 2012.

Living Word Church NE Philadelphia, PA (Praise Night) Dec. 9th, 2011

Christ Apostolic Church of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA(Reni Music 10th Annual Christmas Party) 12.10.2011

RCCG Dominion House Orange, NJ (Celebration Service) Dec. 11th, 2011

RCCG Cornerstone Assembly, San Diego, CA (Reni Music 3 rd Annual Christmas Party) Dec. 17th, 2011(Noon)

RCCG King’s Court, Los Angeles, CA (Christmas Party) Dec. 17th, 2011(Evening)

RCCGNA: West Coast – Festival of Life. Nov. 11, 2011( more )

RCCG Mt. Zion 5th Year Anniversary, New Carrollton, MD. Nov. 18-19, 2011

RCCG Mt. Zion, Baltimore, MD. Nov. 19-20, 2011

RCCG Jesus Tabernacle, Bakersfield, CA. Nov. 20th, 2011
RCCG Heaven’s Glorious Embassy, Plano, TX . Oct. 7-9, 2011( more )

RCCG Tabernacle of Restoration, Bronx , NY. Oct. 22-23, 2011( more )

RCCG Jesus House DC. Sept. 25, 2011( more )

RCCG Chapel of Praise: Far Rockaway, NY. July 29-31 ( more )

New Life Pentecostal Youth Vacation Camp Orlando, FL. July 14-17, 2011 ( more )

Springs of Hope Christian Ministries, Long Beach, CA August 13th

RCCG King’s Assembly, Hesperia, CA (Thanksgiving Celebration Service) 06.12.11 ( more )
Victory Word Christian Center, Charlotte, NC (Annual Prophetic Conference) 06.17-19.11 ( more )
Glorious Chapel Inter’l, Rotterdam, Netherland (Annual Women Conference) 06 24-26.11 more )

Reni @ RCCG GO YE CHAPEL Jacksonville, FL Mother’s Day Celebration 05.6-8.11 ( more ).
Reni @ RCCG TABERNACLE OF RESTORATION Bronx, NY Church Anniversary 04.21-24.11( more ).
Reni @ Atlanta, GA ( more )
Reni Speaks @Women Conference ( more )
Reni @ Baltimore, MD Area ( more )
Reni @ Boston, MA Area ( more )
Reni @ Miami, FL Area ( more )
Vol 6 #8. Reni @ Cornerstone Assembly, San Diego ( more )
Vol 6 #7. Reni @ Reni Hosts Children Christmas Party, Philadephia ( more )
Vol 6 #6. Reni @ Love Divine Church, LA ( more )
Vol 6 #5. Reni @ Royal Dominion Chapel, LA ( more )
Vol 6 #4. Reni @ The Apostolic Churhc NA Convention, Houston TX” TESTIMONY” ( more )
Vol 6 #3. Reni @ RCCGNA Convention, Dallas ( more )
Vol 6 #2. Reni release new album ” TESTIMONY” (more)
Vol 6 #1 Reni @ Embassy of God, Kiev, Ukraine. (more)
Vol 5 #3. Reni Hosts 7th Annual Christmas Party In Philadelpia (more)

2008 National Motherhood Awards in Pictures (see pictures)
2007 National Motherhood Awards in Pictures (see pictures)
Vol 5 #2. Reni Music Hits Nigeria and National Motherhood in Pictures..(more)
Vol 5 #1 Reni Honors Mothers @ 2nd National Motherhood Award (more)
Vol 4 #3 Reni @ GERSHOM praise program in Omaha, NE (more)
Vol 4 #2 Reni’s 6th Annual Christmas party in picture (more)
Vol 3 #3 Reni hosts 5th annual (2006)Christmas party for children (More…
Vol 3 #4 Reni ministries holds annual gospel concert (More…
Vol 3 #3 Reni Award Scholarship to African Orphans (More…)
Vol 3 #2 Reni on Voice of America Radio (More…)
Vol 3 #1 Praise report on 2005 Christmas Party (More…)
Vol 2 #12 Reni hosts Children & Youths (2005 Christmas Party)  More…
Vol 2 #10 Reni begins Praise the Lord Program More…
Vol 2 #8 It’s All About Jesus More…
Vol 2 #7 Happy Father’s day More…
Vol 2 #6 The making of a mother- More…
Vol 2 #5 Report on Teens Conference and Reni @ London, UK More…
Vol 2 #4 Reni Hosts Teens Conference in Phila. PA More…
Vol 2 #3 Reni Launches CD in Washington, DC, More…
Vol 2 #2 Reni @ Dublin, Republic of Ireland  More…
Vol 2 #1 2005! Year of Divine Favor More…
Vol 1 #3 Reni’s 2004 Christmas Party for Children More…
Vol 1 #2 Reni @ Minneapolis MN More

Vol 1 #1 Reni Hosts Children & Youths! More


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