My Story And My Song

Reni had lived briefly in London where she was a member of the worship team in Grace Chapel, Swiss Cottage. When the family relocated to the United States in 1995, they became active members of Living Word Church NE Philadelphia; she was also in the worship team. Besides this, she led worship in His Banner Christian Fellowship, New Jersey for many years.


Reni by God’s grace has achieved what many people with her kind of background have not been able to attain. Her music has blessed people from different walks of life and faith without her ever deviating from the WORD! Having written or co-written her songs, Reni says every track of her song was birthed in her spirit during personal prayer and worship. “They are all based on my life experiences and encounter with the Lord on a daily basis. I realize that every time I humbly go before Him in worship and prayer, He reveals Himself to me again and afresh. I am so thankful that He chooses to pour His power in an earthen vessel like me”, says Reni.


Worthy of note is Reni’s ability to bring different genres of music (Reggae, Pop, Rock ‘n Roll, R & B and of course a touch of African Beat) into her songs. This has impressively and undoubtedly surpassed the tradition of gospel music everywhere!

Reni is not just a gospel singer but an evangelist, a passionate teacher of the Word of God and she regularly appears in churches and conferences around the country. She has to date, three albums to her credit. ALL THINGS
ARE POSSIBLE (her debut album), which according to her, is a testimony of God’s faithfulness and the beginning of the fulfillment of His promises to her. She says, with a somewhat grateful glint in hers eyes, “THIS IS THEREFORE MY STORY AND THIS IS MY SONG: GOD'S ABIDING FAVOR."

In I BELIEVE, the second album, Reni says that "all the recipients of the Lord’s miracle must believe before they can receive God’s favor; for Faith is a sine qua non to receiving the blessings of God".
Overall, her personalities, (her warmth and smiles) no doubt daily show her genuine love for God, has earned her a lot of fans as well as made her a household name!


TESTIMONY, her third album testifies of God’s diverse ways of bringing His WORD to pass in the lives of His children! “For the first time, the Lord birthed a song in my spirit in Yoruba, my mother tongue. It’s a powerful song on the story of salvation and we did a video on this album as well. Indeed, it’s a testimony of His Hands upon me,” said Reni.